The Authentic Choice

Golden Dragon has been providing Liverpool and its Chinese community with a wide variety of high quality traditional chinese appetisers for over 20 years and we are now leading the way with new innovative and modern Dim Sum dishes that have been proffesionaly developed with leading national chefs and restaurants in both Liverpool and London.

We aim to provide new and exciting foods all the time that not only taste great but share the same quality and depth of favour as all Chinese food should. We strongly consider the true meaning of Dim Sum in our foods and continue to follow this on with our highly developed range of Sui Mai's.

Organic detail

Find It

With major suppliers all over the country and our foods available in every major city, we can be easily found at various stores and restaurants across the UK,

Buy It

Buy with confidence that our foods are used with selected award winning restaurants both in the city of Liverpool and London.

Cook It

You can cook a variety of our foods by microwave, but to enhance flavour we clearly provide cooking and serving instructions on the rear of packaging.

New from Golden Dragon - Crispy Kale.

"How wonderful to have the most innovative and exciting new Sui Mai dumplings being served up from Golden Dragon Food, in their home town of Liverpool"

Ching-He Huang (TV Chef)